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Lisa Herley

A few mishaps but was the first time…

A few mishaps but was the first time using tacking so no problem there. Still waiting on an untracked one that usually takes up to 3 months….ugh. So my suggestion is order tracking if you can and that moved A+

Thank God Smokeyschems is back I've been searching for a few days received tracking already I'll let y'all know when it arrives 

smokeys chems is top notch 


Rapid delivery

Rapid delivery. Well packed. Amazing products.
Delivered in 6 days to the uk

Nothing has changed still the same old Smokeyschemsite

still as reliable but I think y'all need more staff I took them hours to reply my mail 

quality hasn't change Smokey's chems is the best 


Everything has perfect

Everything has perfect service, sipping, and products. All of my orders have been great

I am so happy that my product arrived safely thanks so much your smokeys chems 

I thought this was a whole scene because their old site is down 


It is a littel bit to expensiv but the…

It is a littel bit to expensiv but the order is coming in time

Tbh I was skeptical about them but placed a test order and they came through still the old Smokey's chems

thanke for through 


THE GOOD: Used this company for about a year and half. Four out of five packages landed. Their customer service started off excellent but has not been as good recently (they just seem really busy). Their shipping has actually improved the last couple packages. I received my last package a couple days ago everything was as expected.

THE BAD: A couple days before the website went down all chems, even ones that weren’t available prior, became available at 30% discount. (Possible exit scam? ) We’ll see, I have one package remaining. If it arrives I will change to five stars and be a returning customer once the website comes back.


Hi everyone, I just want to respond to the bad reviews. I've never had any problems in the whole year I've been placing orders. I usually recieve items within 4 working days. Nevertheless, things (shipping abroad) can go wrong, but I am convinced that it is not Smokeyschem's fault but the transport/postman/parcel delivery. And it depends on where you live.
Question to smokeyschemsite: Can you change the shipping method for orders from abroad and choose a different delivery service? Maybe that will help. Not responding to messages from your customers is negligence. Last week I also noticed that the communication is bad, no communication at all.
This week the website was also down for a while. In order to keep your customers satisfied, you will have to be more accessible/ remain visible to the customers. create a chat function on the website and inform your customers via email when there are any problems on your side.


There was a mix up with my address and I tried to resolve it with customer service and I got no confirmation that it was fixed after emailing them and creating customer service tickets. I’m have no idea if my order is being delivered or not

dallas texas

My first order (1g IsoPropylPhénidate) with a welcome ticket coupon wich allows a non négligeable remise promotion was easy paid and quickly shipped.(process took about week between order, paiement and mailbox , wich is normal time).
The quality of the product made for sure experiments more accurate.


Extremely reliable and first-order took two weeks, the second one took less than one week! I've ordered twice now and have been extremely pleased with the shipping times and customer service. It's hard to trust and there are probably bad reviews out there too but in my experience, although they are a bit pricey, it's completely worth the risk-free order. Thank you for pulling through like a G,Smokeyschemsite


Tried ordering from the site and i was told it was sent. Now being told that they will refund 70 percent of the money as store credit and would have to buy again. Currently contacting the EU to start a lawsuit. Plus, half the chemicals they sale are illegal to have in the United States. I'll be calling the DEA Tuesday morning after the holiday. If I could post a screenshot of the customer service conversations I would. Buyer beware!


Found this site to be the best,legit and can purchase through bitcoin or other same style bank transfer apps/websites.
Would def use again.
Really pleased with end product.


Excellent my products came packed very discrete . Delivery time was about 3 days and everything was exactly like Described . It’s the only reliable vendor.
I received 5 of 5 order’s and every time the quality of the products was A++
The support is very friendly and cares about you’re satisfaction.
Thank you guys for the good customer support.
Cheers Matt


I have now used this company for the past few months. I have never had a single issue with this company in any aspect; the shipping is incredibly quick and the stealth is amazing. I was very hesistant at first but now it seems BK is the only place who will truly cater to your needs. The support admin at BK is an absolute delight to do business with and always answers any questions.


Nothing ever came and I also paid extra for proof of sending an a resend if it doesnt arrive.

I have emailed 3 times since the package didnt arrive with no response,
the only refunded me 70% of what i paid claimed it was custom



Not scammers, hard working people but a lot left to be desired

So far I had two orders two germany. Both times it took a week or more after bank transfer to get the order shipped.
If you ask the support they will give you fast response on the status of your order, but it would be much nicer if the tracking of the order would work better. The support was nice but for my first oder I got a response that my order will be shipped "tomorrow" but by the post stamp I could see it was sent a few days later the next monday.
Quality of merchandise seems good to me
I wish I could give them a better review, because I think they do they best - but it just cost to much nerves orderning there


Hey everyone my first two orders were top notch great customer service and product. But my last. Two orders I haven't received I have almost 300 Euro invested.I been in contact but it's always I'll get back to you. I'll definitely give a awesome review if it works out.


Placed two separate orders over about 6 months all together and still have yet to receive anything but empty promises from whoever is running the site. Had to have my first order refunded which was only given to me in the form of store credit. Placed another order with those credits over 2.5 months ago and havent heard a single thing about it besides spam emails trying to get me to buy more stuff which at this point I'm assuming just doesn't exist. Nothing about the ordering, processing or shipping makes any sense or functions how any of the other RC sites I've used successfully in the past do. More than likely just a scam so buyer beware. Would've given it 0 stars if Id of had the option to do so. Should've just shelled out for some weaker etizolam from a known vendor than hoping some c**t in "The Netherlands" was going to give me anything but the run around. Dont trust these guys with a single cent. Not worth it.


Probably the best customer service I've had to go through, would be 5 stars but I didn't receive my order, but the amazing help of their customer service helped me from day one, answered all my questions and went above and beyond for me, also the order I did get the quality was excellent. Thank you Jean for leaving me with no worries and for going the extra mile. It's appreciated and I wish your business with success.


smokeyschems provides great products and even better service. You can tell that they really care about customers which seems to be a rare thing in the industry these days. Quick shipping times with good communication as well!


I started with a very small order to see if site was legit. Got order within 2 weeks (I'm in the US, so I was expecting longer). Since then I have ordered 4 times. Received every single order all within 2 weeks, so I don't know what other US reviewers are doing. Packaging is very discrete. Very happy.

Reddit guy

My sixth order arrived today. Everything is perfect! It’s a Pharma product. In general, my experiences with Benzo King are good. Only one order out of six didn’t make it. But that’s the risk you have, when ordering stuff like that.


Excellent communication from start to finish. Package arrived safely in less than 3 weeks to the east coast of the States. Exceeded my expectations!


Excellent communication from start to finish. Package arrived safely in less than 3 weeks to the east coast of the States. Exceeded my expectations!


Excellent communication from start to finish. Package arrived safely in less than 3 weeks to the east coast of the States. Exceeded my expectations!


Products and service (shipping) time were all excellent - however, even after scouring the website, i consistently cannot access the full features of the most expensive shipping options (the ones that promise pictures of the order and shipping from Germany or The Netherlands). I started a support ticket in the past concerning receiving the photos of the order, but that went unanswered and was closed upon my order being received. I just want to make absolutely sure that there’s nothing for which i can fault the BenzoKing team l (perhaps it is my error or inattention to access details), but this is an outright violation of our [pricey] agreed-upon shipping arrangment: I would like to see the pictures of the order when ordered and tracking information is applicable.

It has been a 9.0/10 experience with this vendor, and it has yielded some incredible results; however, false advertising is a big no fo for me, especially with how complex the mailing system is in my city.

I appreciate the team’s hard work, but would like to see small improvement,


Great company, fast service. First order of pellets made it no snafus second two to CA in USA no luck and I wasn’t impressed with my responses back. But having said that I’ve given them another shot and I went with blotters only and I’ve had no problems. Their products are great, shipping times are excellent. If you’re in Murica’ I recommend you stick to products on paper and no pellets. Powder might float through as well. Expect a letter from the government telling you that they have your package if you order pellets.Or at least in my case anyways, twice. And they do tell you upfront that’s all on you the buyer there are no re-ships for those instances.


Very fast delivery. Sometimes within 3 days!
Attractive discount and good communication with the seller and support! Thanks again!


Best vendor out there! So happy I foind them again!

I have dealt with this vendor for years and they were always so good to me! I did place an order, but I didn't get it yet because I know there is a long wait coming from so far. I always received my orders from them in the past " sometimes with extra's!" and am confident I will get this one also! I will update when it gets here, should be soon, so excited that this vendor is back, as I've dealt with them for so long and I will definitely be placing many more orders! They are very professional, kind and they always answer their emails with any questions or worries I may have. Love this place and highly recommend! Clon is the best and I love their Etiz also for my research!


I purchased something good, I give it five stars, but please bring back debit and credit card payments, my bank hates you, the only take crypto im do mad


Received my order in no time, save for the slight delay which happens. I totally understand.Solid packaging. I'm quite impressed.


Best Vendor in EU

Still the best vendor in eu. Many paying options, delivery is very fast and the support allways helped as fast as they could. Also the quality is allways perfect.


really happy with benzoking especially with all that's going on in the world right now. smokeyschmesite helps everyday rats!


The integration with coinbase makes paying for the order less of a headache. Also, the order was packed and sent very quickly and arrived before the estimated date.


First Order: Received About 1/3 of Order (6 of 20)
Have had these guys sitting in my inbox for a long time and finally decided to try an order from them, when they had a deal on a discontinued item. I even ordered more than a typical first order because of this. Waste of money. Order was supposedly split into three shipments, and I received a third of what I ordered on the first order. Contacted support and was assured that it all went out. Contacted support again a week later and got a reply 10 days later asking to provide more pics. Can't provide pics of nothing. Frustrated as not only is it money down the drain, the product is no longer going to be available. I can say they really exist and you'll probably get something, but not your full order. Try another shop. Anyone have any recommendations...Oi.


It's real, it worked.

It took a few days until the discrete letter was in my mailbox but it all worked perfectly out as expected.


Clonazolam pellets are well-pressed and each one weighs exactly 50mg. Got to southwest Michigan in less than two weeks.


Ordered twice now from east coast USA

Ordered twice now from east coast USA. Both orders came FAST and was discreet. Ordered again and currently is over due since last two were quick. Thinking it could be our mail service. I hope. 4 stars because I emailed them a few times and no reply. For sure will change if things go okay.


I was honestly surprised how helpful…

I was honestly surprised how helpful and easy they made the whole process. Products were good and will be ordering again.


Order arrived quickly, packaging was spot on and the product was exactly what was advertised. Customer service was also fantastic, responsive and helpful. 5/5


Purchase that started badly but finally…

Purchase that started badly but finally arrived in time. Thank you very much I recommend


These guys were great. I have to admit that I had an issue but they worked it out with me and hopefully I will receive my items soon. I will update this when the item is delivered.


best GUYS ever ! (this is not a paid review)

The quality of the products ... the lsd very good .. the most User Friendly support i have ever encounter ,, im like a Volcano guy ... :) what you PAY if YOU PAY :) they will SHIPPP IT :) and you for sure .. if you are not under surveliance .... will for sure get it :) the rest ... just words ... or ... frustrations ?:)))


I have received my payment Konfirmation and after NOTHING until today! No Answer in my E-Mails Form this Support! Scam !!!


Please allow the PayPal option again!

Very fast delivery and good quality. But it's a shame that I couldn't pay with PayPal the next time. That will probably keep me from the next order. It's a shame, sorry!


Stuff has always been what was listed

Stuff has always been what was listed. I am rolling the dice living in the states to as if it will get to me. But that is on me not them.

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